What is Turnitin? How is it works? Know here!

The question is what is Turnitin? How is it works? Turnitin is a tool that detects plagiarism and is used by many schools and universities. It compares your submitted paper to a database of other papers and documents. If there are any similarities, Turnitin will flag them and provide a report.

When students submit their work to Turnitin, they give the company permission to access their paper. The cause for this is that the software needs to be able to scan it and find matches with other articles. Students do not need to be logged in for Turnitin to detect their work, so there is no risk of privacy issues or hacking.

How does Turnitin works?

There are some concerns about how this tool works and how schools use it. Some teachers have found that when they use Turnitin, they lose marks because of false positives. Others have found that their students feel uncomfortable with the idea that a third-party company is scanning their work.

It should be noted that when you submit your work to Turnitin and receive a report, it does not mean that your paper is 100 percent plagiarized or even 50 percent. The report will show how many words are similar in other documents, but there is no way for them to know who wrote what.


For this reason, it is important not to panic when you receive a report from Turnitin. Instead, use it as an opportunity to improve your writing skills and learn how to avoid plagiarism in the future. You should also show your report to your teacher so that they can help you identify what needs to be changed.

When students submit their work to Turnitin, the company scans it and puts it into a database of other papers and documents. If there are any matches, they will flag them and provide a report on those particular words. The report includes the copied text and links to the original sources.

This way, there will be no privacy issues faced by the students as they are not logged in to the site, there are millions of websites providing services of similar nature that’s the reason they produce text full of plagiarism, but now you do not need to worry as Turnitin will help you by informing about the plagiarism if any.


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