What If Your Score Is 25% on Turnitin? Know Here!!

Are you worried about your Turnitin score?  What if your score is 25% on Turnitin? If so, you’re not alone. Many students are concerned when they receive a low score on their paper and wonder what it means for their academic success. Students in universities and colleges hardly find time to complete their academic write-ups. They are so involved in their course study and other extra-curricular activities that they hardly find time to complete their projects and assignments. This leads to the requirement for help in completing the work. The problem arises when the project matches other students’ work. The students land into difficulty due to this as universities use Turnitin to detect such similarities.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection tool used by many universities to check the originality of student work. It compares submitted documents against its database of web pages, journals, books, and other sources to identify potential plagiarism instances. The result is a percentage that indicates how much of the document matches existing content in the Turnitin database.

What does 25% or below score mean?

So what does it mean if your Turnitin score is 25% or lower? Generally speaking, this means that there are no significant issues with your paper and that it has been written entirely from scratch without any copied material from external sources. However, some universities may require higher scores depending on their policies – so make sure to double-check with your professor before submitting.


If you do get a low score on Turnitin but believe that all the content in your paper was written by yourself without copying anyone else’s work, then there could be several reasons why this happened:

  1. You may have accidentally included quotes or passages from another source without citing them properly;
  2. Your writing style might be similar to someone else’s; or
  3. There could be similarities between phrases used in different papers due to shared language usage (this can happen even if both authors wrote independently).

In these cases, you must go back through your paper and ensure proper citations are included where necessary. As well as providing, all quoted material is clearly marked as such. Additionally, try rephrasing certain sections which may sound too similar to other works. This will help reduce potential overlap between documents and improve overall originality scores.

Overall though, don’t worry too much if you get a low score on Turnitin. Just take steps towards improving it by ensuring proper citation practices are followed throughout your work.


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