What Does a 0% Turnitin Score Mean? Know Here!

When it comes to academic writing, one of the most important tools for ensuring originality is Turnitin. This software scans submitted documents and compares them against a vast database of other sources to detect potential plagiarism. A score from 0-100% is then given, with a 0% Turnitin score indicating that Turnitin found no matches in the database.

What should you know about Turnitin?

But what does a 0% Turnitin score mean? Is it an indication that your work is completely original, or could there still be some issues? Let’s take an adjacent look at this question and explore what you should know about getting a 0% on Turnitin.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that even if you get a 0%,  still some instances of unintentional plagiarism can be present in the paper. Unintentional plagiarism can occur when you use someone else’s words or ideas without properly citing them as references. Even though these mistakes are not intentional, they can still lead to serious consequences if caught by your professor or school administration. Therefore, if you get a 0%, double-check all citations and references before submitting your paper just in case you missed something during the initial review process.

Similarities between the texts:

Secondly, you should know that getting a low score on Turnitin indicates few similarities between your document and others found online. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything within the paper is 100% original. It’s possible for two different authors to come up with similar ideas independently. This would result in both papers having very low scores but neither being considered “plagiarized” since neither author copied from the other direction. So while getting a low score on Turnitin can help relax the mind knowing that nothing has been copied verbatim from another source doesn’t guarantee complete originality either.

Finally, remember that even if you get an extremely low score (such as 0%), this isn’t always indicative of quality work! Just because something is not copied directly from another source, it doesn’t automatically make it good – so don’t rely solely on Turnitin scores when evaluating how well-written or researched your paper is! Make sure to go through everything carefully before submitting anything for grading purposes, too, so that nothing slips through the cracks unnoticed due to poor grammar/spelling errors etc.

Things you must be aware of:

In conclusion, receiving a 0% on Turnitin means there are no exact matches between your document and those already stored within their database. However, this doesn’t guarantee complete originality nor indicate high-quality work. Always double-check all citations/references before submission just in case any unintentional plagiarism slipped through during the initial review process; additionally, read over the entire document to ensure proper grammar/spelling usage, etc. Doing these things will help ensure the best results possible when turning assignments in to professors/school administrators alike!


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