Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Comparative Essay…?

Assignment writing is one of the most essential skills that students should develop while in college. Creating interesting essays and research papers might be terribly challenging for ESL students. But, if you haven’t acquired the discipline of academic writing, you could make a lot of common essay mistakes.

The worst thing you can start writing your essay without having a clear concept in your mind. You must choose whether to concentrate on the differences or the similarities of the objects you pick to compare. Only then you can proceed to create the essay’s outline and begin writing your first paragraph.

choosing a topic that is too general or widely debated. An essay that is original and free of plagiarism cannot be written on a subject that has been studied a thousand times.

Another thing you can avoid is picking two equally good or bad topics to compare.

Note these instructions to ensure that your paper is free of mistakes that could easily ruin your assigned project.

Analyzing the similarities and differences between two or more subjects belonging to the same category is the purpose of a compare and contrast essay. An effective comparison and contrast essay creates a convincing argument in addition to emphasizing the similarity and distinctions between the two topics.


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