How To Write Chapter Wise Dissertation In Finance MBA?

Writing a chapter wise dissertation in Finance MBA can be an intimidating task. It requires extensive research, analysis and writing skills to complete the project successfully. To make it easier for you, we are going to discuss some tips on how to write a chapter-wise dissertation in Finance MBA.

Let Us Discuss Some Tips 

Now that you know what this section is all about, it’s time to create your strategy on how to write a chapter-wise dissertation in finance MBA:

Choose Your Topic

The first step is to choose your topic carefully. Make sure that it is relevant to the field of Finance. And has enough scope for research and analysis. It would be best if you also considered the availability of resources before selecting a topic as this will help you save time during the writing/research process. 

Research Thoroughly

Once you have chosen your topic, start researching thoroughly about it from various sources such as books, and journals. And online databases etc., This will give you an idea about what kind of information needs to be included in each chapter of your dissertation. And how they should be structured logically for better understanding by readers. 

Outline Your Dissertation

After doing thorough research on your topic, create an outline that includes all significant points that need to be discussed in each chapter, along with their sub-points or supporting evidence/sections, if any require further explanation or elaboration. This will help you stay organized while writing chapters one by one without missing out on any essential points or arguments related to the subject. 

Write Each Chapter Separately

Start writing each chapter separately after completing its outline. So everything is clear between them later when editing or proofreading occurs. Ensure that every point mentioned in the procedure is appropriately covered within its respective section, with proper referencing wherever necessary. Also, avoid deviating too much from the central theme while discussing different aspects related to it. This may lead readers astray from the actual purpose of conducting such a study. 

Proofread & Edit

Last but not least, once all chapters are written, take some time off before going through them again for proofreading and editing purposes. Check if there are any errors regarding grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes that need rectification immediately. Otherwise, these might affect the overall quality of work adversely. And it leads to poor grades eventually


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