How To Score 80% on the University Of Oxford? Find Out Here!

The Oxford university is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. If you’re looking to score high marks and get into this top-tier school, check out our tips on how to score 80% on the university of Oxford exam.

The exam is split into three sections – writing, reading and listening. For the listening section, you’ll need to listen to a passage and answer some questions about it. The great news is that you can do this online at our website! All you are required to do is click on the button above and listen as often as possible until you feel ready for the exam.

Strategy to Solve Writing Section of The Exam

Once you’ve listened to the passage, try answering these questions:

1) Which of the following statements is/are true?

2) Which of the following statements seems most likely to be true based on the passage?

3) What can you conclude about the student from the text?

4) Which of the following statements best describes the student’s attitude toward life?

Some Tips to Score 80%

Now that you’ve listened to the passage and answered some questions, it’s time to get serious about studying for the exam. Here are some tips:

1) Read through your school’s guide to help with preparation – some schools provide guides on how to prepare for the exam, so check with your school’s teachers.

2) Take notes – make sure you write down everything important in each section, as this will help you remember them later.

3) Practice writing essays and answers – get together with friends and have a competition to see who can write the best answer to one of the questions from the listening section. You could also try writing some sample answers online at our website!

4) Listen to the passages again – listen to them a few times over, as this will help you familiarise yourself with the questions that might be asked. Remember, you can listen online at our website!

The exam is not easy, and it’s not just about knowing what’s in your school’s guide. You’ll need to put in some serious study time if you want to get high marks and score well enough in the Oxford University examination.


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