How to score 80% at Harvard University without having stress?

The university of Harvard is best known for its reputation worldwide, and the kind of academic it offers to the students is commendable. The university of Harvard’s mission is to prepare leaders in education to generate knowledge and helps in improving students’ opportunity, achievement and success. Students stress about scoring good grades at the Harvard university as students from all over the world come for education, and this increases the competition among the students.

Students stress about marks in the university as the Harvard university is very strict with their marking scheme; therefore, the students are required to do a lot of hard work to get good grades in their examinations, nowadays universities and colleges assign good weightage to marks to assignments, projects and research works so good presentation of write-ups helps in boosting the grades.


To get good marks in the examination and to answer the most asked question of How to score 80% at Harvard university, students are required to follow the tips mentioned below:

  • The most important thing is that they should be very clear in their mind regarding the subjects, topics, and syllabus. If you are well aware of the syllabus, 30% of the work is done.
  • You should have proper study material for your subjects; you should gather information from the internet; you could also make your concepts clear with the help of YouTube as nowadays everything is available on YouTube that too free of cost.
  • An essential point that everyone should take care of is to attend classes on a daily basis; just by attending the lectures, you can get your concepts clear, and it will help you a lot in your examination.
  • You should take extra classes or get yourself enrolled in coaching for the subjects you find difficult; you should not hesitate to clear your doubts with professors or get help from your batchmates.
  • Ensure to make notes of everything you study; notes will help you make your concepts clear and help you on the revision day before the examination.

Tips for sessional examinations

Assignments and projects are part of the sessional examination; they have marks assigned to them separately; you should focus on your sessional by:

  1. Presenting excellent assignments and projects in the university.
  2. For presenting a good assignment, you are required to invest good time and effort in making the assignments and write-ups
  3. If you cannot do so, you can also take help from various sites such as AssignmentsHelp; this site helps the students by providing them with excellent assignments written by experts and delivering them to the students on time.

Thus, by doing so, you could easily score good grades in your Harvard university examinations, which will help you achieve your target and have healthy competition.


Therefore, now students are no longer required to stress about their percentage in the Harvard university examination; they are required to follow the tips mentioned earlier; they are more than enough for you to score 80% of marks in the examination easily. One thing every student should keep in mind is not to get nervous during the examination. Confidence and calmness play an important role in improving your results.

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