How To Include An Appendix in an Essay? Find Out?

How To Include An Appendix in an Essay? Find Out?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to include an appendix in an essay. Many students struggle with this question since it’s not always clear what an appendix is and how it should be used. This article will give you a quick overview of what an appendix is and how to use it in your essay.

What is an appendix?

Appendices are usually found in the back of a book after the main text has been written. They contain additional information that supports the content of the book. For example, an English grammar textbook might include an appendix with lists of irregular verbs and their definitions. Or a history book might include a map of the area under study in the appendix.

Now you know what an appendix is.

How should it be used in an essay?

There are two main ways you can use an appendix in your essay: as extra supporting material or as a bibliography.

  1. If the information in your essay cannot fit into the body of the text, but it’s still important and relevant to your argument, include it in the appendix as supporting material. For example, if you’re writing about how much money people spend on pets every year and you want to mention some statistics from other sources, put those statistics in the appendix.
  2. If you’re going to be citing multiple sources in your essay, include a bibliography or list of references at the back of your document as an appendix. This will make it uncomplicated for readers to find the sources you’ve used for your research. How do you write an appendix?


As we mentioned above, there are two ways you can use an appendix: as supporting material or as a bibliography. Let’s look at how each one should be written. As supporting material


If you’re going to use an appendix as supporting material, make sure that the information there is clear and well-organised. In this case, it’s important to make sure that your reader understands what they’re reading. For example, if you have a catalogue of irregular verbs in the appendix, highlight the differences between them by writing examples from the text next to each verb (see below). Or, if you have a map of an area under study, write additional sentences explaining its importance.


Appendices are supplementary to the body text. Each appendix must be validated in the text. Appendices are placed after the bibliography. Appendices may contain material that clarifies the text or offers necessary supplementary information that cannot be included within the body text. Appendices often include information-gathering forms or questionnaires, accompanying letters, documents, pictures or graphs related to the academic text.


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