How do I make the first page of my assignment?

How do I make the first page of my assignment?

It is usual that the students do not create the front page of their assignments in contrast to the other parts of their assignment work. The particular reason for the circumstance is that they don’t consider the first page of their assignment as part of their project work. In spite of that, it is really very important to have a good assignment first page; it plays a significant role in making understanding the work of the assignment to the instructor or the reader. The benefit of having a good assignment’s first page is that it creates people’s interest in your assignment work. It assures that the reader will pay attention to your work, give you a deserved grade, and may give you an extra point for the cover page. Therefore, it is an essential part of the assignment as the other different parts are.

However, when it comes to discussing how to write assignments, the assignment’s first page is always left out. It’s not a commonly discussed subject, as though it isn’t essential (people think so), even though it is. When writing an assignment’s first page, the students must follow a particular format and presentation techniques. In some scenarios, the lecturer may give clear instructions on making the first page, but if they don’t, there’s a general format that students need to follow. However, if there is no one to talk to about the title page and the students aren’t asking questions, they won’t learn to create a title page properly, affecting their assignment grades.


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