Here Are The Simple 5 Steps To Write A Personal Narrative!!

A personal narrative is a prose narrative that usually relates personal experiences generally told in the first person. The content of a personal narrative is non-traditional, which means it does not fit the typical idea of a narrative. It means it can cover any reflective and contemplative subject with a unique perspective and strong voice. A personal narrative is a strong and complete story about one’s own experience. It is a story told by the narrator.

Students face problems writing personal narratives as they do not understand what is to be written in a narrative or how to pour their personal experiences and ideas into a narrative. They face difficulty narrating their own life in a narrative due to a lack of knowledge and experience.

Steps to writing a personal narrative

Here are five steps you need to follow to write a personal narrative. These steps are essential in writing a personal narrative:


Before starting the narrative, you need to finalize what will help you in guiding how to write. A personal narrative is based on your experience, and you should choose a topic you are comfortable with and willing to discuss. This will help you consider the purpose of your narrative and help you choose the topic.


Then you should make a blueprint before beginning to write, and you should divide your paper into different sections to help guide and organize your writing. Make sure what you want to include in your essays, and highlight the bullet points before starting.


First, write the introduction before introducing the topic; this helps you in getting the reader’s attention. Then make a transition statement to bring the readers to the body of the personal narrative. Use strong verbs and creative adjectives as the narrative aims to elicit the same emotions you recall from your recollection of the story.


You include specific details of your narrative in the body of the paper. It depends on the topic and thesis of your narrative. The body may be shorter or longer depending on the information you have.


Now you have finalized your personal narrative, and you need to do proper research in order to finalize the topic. It leaves the reader with a lasting impression on the readers of your narrative. Before finalizing the narrative, you should do proofreading your personal narrative.


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