Here Are The Best 9 Marketing Project Ideas For Students

Nowadays, projects and assignments have become an important part of student’s life, and they have to invest a lot of time in completing the best projects to get good grades in schools and universities. Universities now assign good weightage in terms of grades to the projects; the academic seriousness has increased with an increase in the quality and importance of higher education. Projects are provided on various subjects such as finance, marketing, human resources etc. students have to complete the project and present it in the universities and colleges.

Being a marketing student, you will require interesting ideas for your projects, and you can get the best ideas here. To complete an excellent marketing project, you must research the topic, look for various topics, and select the best one per your requirement; this will help you make the best marketing project as per your choice.


Here are some of the best marketing project ideas for students that will help them make your project impressive and excellent.

  1. Google Search Engine Marketing Case Study Analysis
  2. Pharma sales optimization
  3. Customer acquisition predication
  4. Market basket analysis
  5. Estimation of the retail price
  6. Prediction of store sales
  7. Customer churn prediction
  8. A query into the marketing strategies used by commercial banks in managing service breakdown among customers
  9. The complications and prospects of marketing auto maintenance services.

These topics mentioned above help the students in their marketing project completion. Students can pick any of these mentioned ideas or any ideas related to the topic.

How to finalize the topic?

To get the best marketing project, you need to follow the steps mentioned below, which will help you in choosing the right topic for your marketing project:

  • Gather a list of all probable topics
  • Check out the projects which have already been done on the same topic.
  • Concentrate on new topics that have been published in reputed forums.
  • Review the topics and look for various aspects of them.
  • Shortlist a few topics for your project.
  • Look for reference material on different topics.
  • Choose the best topic among the following topics based on the reference material.
  • Finalize the topic, which is comparatively easier and also relatable to you in some ways.
  • Then finally, ensure that you will do justice to the title of the project.


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