Does Turnitin Work with Canvas? How Can Students Use It?

Are you a student or teacher who is wondering that does Turnitin work with Canvas? If so, you’ve landed in the correct place! In this article, we’ll discuss how Turnitin and Canvas work together and how students can use them.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection service that helps teachers detect potential instances of cheating in their classes. It compares submitted documents against its database of web pages, journals, books, and other sources to identify any similarities between them. This allows teachers to spot copied material before it becomes a problem quickly.

What is canvas?

Canvas is an online learning platform used by many schools around the world for teaching courses remotely. It provides tools such as discussion boards, quizzes, assignments submission portals and more for instructors to manage their classes effectively from anywhere in the world.

How does Turnitin work with canvas?

The good news is that both Turnitin and Canvas is compatible with each other! Instructors can easily integrate Turnitin into their course on Canvas by creating an assignment within  the platform, which will then be automatically sent over to Turnitin for processing once students submit their work through Canvas. Once processed by Turnitin, instructors will receive a report detailing any potential cases of plagiarism or cheating.

Easy to use

For students, using Turnitin with Canvas is a simple process. All they need to do is submit their assignment through the Canvas portal as usual, and it will be automatically sent over to Turnitin for processing. Once processed, students can view their originality report, which will show them any potential cases of plagiarism or cheating in their work. This allows them to make sure that all of their work is completely original before submitting it for grading.

In conclusion, both Turnitin and Canvas are great tools for instructors and students alike when it comes to detecting instances of plagiarism or cheating online courses

Turnitin and Canvas are two of the most popular tools used by instructors and students in online courses. But do they work together? The answer is yes! Turnitin can be easily integrated with Canvas, allowing instructors to monitor student submissions for potential cases of plagiarism or cheating.

Benefit for the instructors

Integrating Turnitin with Canvas allows instructors to check submitted assignments for originality quickly. This helps ensure that all student work is completely unique and not copied from other sources. It also makes it easier for teachers to detect instances of cheating or plagiarism before grading a submission.

Benefit for the students

Students can also benefit from using Turnitin with Canvas as well. They must upload their assignment into the course materials and then submit it to Turnitin. The tool will then scan the document for any potential cases of plagiarism or cheating. This helps students make sure that their work is completely original before submitting it to their instructor.


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