25 Best Ph.D. Nursing Dissertation Topics To Choose!

Are you a nursing student looking for the best Ph.D. nursing dissertation topics? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Writing a dissertation is no easy task and requires extensive research and dedication. Writing a PhD nursing dissertation can be an intimidating task. It requires extensive research, careful planning and organization, and writing clearly and concisely. However, with the right approach, you can make this process much easier and choosing the right topic can make all the difference in your success as a doctoral candidate.

List Of Nursing Dissertation Ideas

To help you get started, we’ve compiled 25 of the best Ph.D. nursing dissertation topics that are sure to spark your creativity and inspire your writing process:

i. The Impact of Technology on Nursing Practice
ii. Exploring Patient-Centered Care in Nursing Education
iii. Examining Nurse Burnout in Critical Care Settings
iv. Investigating Quality Improvement Strategies for Nurses Working with Elderly Patients
v. Analyzing Cultural Competency Amongst Nurses Caring for Diverse Populations
vi. Assessing Professional Development Needs of Advanced Practice Nurses
vii. Evaluating Interprofessional Collaboration Between Physicians & Nurses
viii. Exploring Evidence-Based Practices in Pediatric Nursing Care
ix. Understanding End-of-Life Decision-Making Processes from a Nursing Perspective
x. Investigating Pain Management Strategies Used by Oncology Nurses
xi. Comparing Leadership Styles among Nurse Managers
xii. Examining Communication Barriers between Patients & Healthcare Providers
xiii. Analyzing Workplace Stressors Experienced by Emergency Room Staff
xiv. Developing Effective Teamwork Skills amongst Hospital Staff
xv. Studying Health Promotion Programs Targeted at Older Adults 16 ) Researching Informatics Solutions to Improve Clinical Outcomes
xvi. Assessing Risk Factors Associated with Medication Errors
xvii. Investigating Telehealth Services Utilized by Rural Communities
xviii. Examining Ethical Issues Faced By Healthcare Professionals
xix. Understanding Mental Health Challenges Faced By Military Veterans
xx. Exploring Social Media Use Amongst Healthcare Professionals
xxi. Evaluating Quality Indicators Used To Measure Patient Safety
xxii. Identifying Best Practices For Infection Control
xxiii. Analyzing Cost Effectiveness Of Homecare Services
xxiv. Investigating The Role Of Genetics In Disease Prevention And Treatment

Tips to Write Nursing PhD Dissertation

Choose a topic that interests you: Consider topics related to current trends in healthcare or areas of interest within your field of study.

Research thoroughly:

Once you have chosen a topic for your dissertation, it is time to begin researching extensively on the subject matter.

Create an outline:

After completing all necessary research for your dissertation project, create an outline that outlines each section of your paper along with its main points and arguments so that you know what needs to be included in each part of the document before actually starting work on it.

Write regularly:

Writing regularly is critical when working on any large project such as a PhD nursing dissertation; set aside specific times during which you plan to write every day so that progress can be made steadily over time rather than trying to cram all work into one session at once!

Edit carefully:

Finally, review each sentence, paragraph, page etc . looking out for any errors or typos while also ensuring clarity throughout!


These are just some ideas and ways to get you started on finding an interesting topic for your Ph.D. nursing dissertation! Remember, choosing something that interests you and will keep you motivated throughout the entire writing process is essential! You can check out more exciting topics on the dissertation on our website, Assignments Help. Good luck!

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